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After ordering, when do I get my eSIM plan?

You will get your eSIM plan via email within 5-10 minutes. If you didn’t receive your eSIM plan within 10 minutes, please check your spam folder first then contact us via [email protected].

How do I check if my phone is unlocked?

You can’t use an eSIM with a locked phone. To check whether your device is locked, please contact your carrier or check the [Settings] menu. If your phone is locked, you should contact your domestic carrier to unlock your phone before you can use the eSIM plan.

What if I see the message “No network” after activation?

If you can’t access data after you activate the eSIM plan successfully, please make sure that [Data Roaming] is turned on.
Also, try restarting your phone.

In some cases, scanning the QR code may not set up the APN automatically. You can follow the instructions provided here to enter the APN information in your device manually.
Please contact Team WHIZ via [email protected] for the APN information.

Should I turn on data roaming for using the eSIM plan?

Yes. Please make sure that [Data Roaming] for the secondary line (the eSIM plan you’ve added) is turned on. To turn it on, go to [Settings] – [Cellular] and turn [Data Roaming] on. If you correctly set the eSIM plan you just added for using cellular data and disable the automatic switching of lines, no additional fee will be charged.

Can I delete and reinstall my eSIM plan?
Once an eSIM plan is installed, it can’t be reinstalled or reissued. If you are facing any problem, please don’t delete your eSIM plan - instead, contact Team WHIZ via [email protected] first.
How do I contact Team WHIZ?

If you need help or have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Team WHIZ via [email protected].


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